Inward & Outward Journeys


Inward & Outward Journeys

Are you…

An explorer at heart, longing to travel deeper and go beyond the obvious?

An individualistic seeker, intent on living your own truth to the fullest? 

A traveler who craves mystery, enlightenment, an open door to transformation…

I’m glad you’re here!


I’m Pauliina Parris

Travel advisor, founder and chief explorer of Wow Travel Boutique.

In my 20+ years of independent globetrotting and taking the “road less traveled”, one of the most profound truths I’ve uncovered is this:

The real beauty of travel is not that you get to see new places, but that you get to see yourself.

Travel is absolutely invaluable for those of us who are committed to personal growth, positive transformation, oneness and being whole.

It’s not that travel can change your life – exploring our beautiful planet and humanity in a conscious, authentic and experiential way absolutely will.

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Inner Wisdom

I know I wouldn’t be half the human I am today if it wasn’t for my travels, but I’ll let you in on a little secret…

I also know that all the wisdom I have gathered along the way was already within me before I set out – the world just brought it out.

This is why Wow Travel Boutique specializes in transformational luxury travel that balances adventure and discovery with self-care, wellness and self-discovery. 

Our mission is to empower YOU
to connect to your own inner wisdom
through mindfully curated intentional journeys
to all parts of the world.

We serve curious and discerning singles, couples and groups all over the United States.

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