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What is “Luxury Travel”? For me, it’s the freedom to shape my vacation into my own personal vision quest.
A refusal of pre-packaged, ordinary options and an insistence on exclusivity, singularity and unparalleled access.
An affinity for deep, immersive and authentic adventures without compromising on comfort.

What is Luxury to You?

Self-Care & Wellness

If you are willing, please stop along the journey to cherish the moment, ponder the big questions of life, and I promise you’ll return home enlightened by a new perspective, fresh insights, filled with gratitude.
Every bespoke Wow itinerary empowers you to take care of You.

Where do you need healing?

Where Flavor Grows

Origin is everything when it comes to the finest culinary experiences.

Terroir – the aggregate characteristics of an environment – determines the subtle flavors in coffee, cacao, wine, tea, spices, herbs…

I invite every foodie and plant lover to connect to the land and explore tea processing, coffee farming, spice growing and the like on their travels.

How do you taste life?

In Good Company

Exploring together with like-minded people who share your passion can be exhilarating. Visit scenes from the book you read together with your book club? Lead your yoga students on a spiritual retreat?

Marking a milestone with your closest friends in a foreign land is sure to be a bonding experience.

Who's in your tribe?

History & Mystery

It’s one thing to study history from textbooks, but quite another to stand immersed in it in the place where ‘it’ happened or ‘the building’ that still stands.

History explains the present and guides the future. We all stand on the shoulders of those who came before.

My favorites: museums and temples. Sacred spaces reveal the highest aspirations and the greatest creativity of a civilization. To me, that’s pure wisdom.

What do you crave to know?

What inspires YOU?

Let’s talk!