The Wow Difference

Mindfully Personalized –
because one size fits only one.

I limit the number of new clients I take on in order to give you fully personalized service and an engaging collaborative experience that we can both enjoy.

Focus on Value -
because a priceless journey is what you seek.

Travel is an investment in You.

You don’t need me to look for cheapest deals in the DIY mass market.

You hire me to make sure that you get the absolute best value for your travel investment.

Access to the “Un-Googleable” – because that’s where the magic is.

Wow Travel Boutique is a proud member of Gifted Travel Network, a Virtuoso Member Agency. 

Through this elite, invite-only network I offer you access to the most exclusive and unique experiences,  spellbinding properties and, often, extra perks, upgrades and amenities that are simply unavailable elsewhere. 

In short, hidden gems you may not even know existed, are at your fingertips!

The Wow Process

Step 1


Let’s talk! The first consultation is ALWAYS complimentary. I will explain to you how I work, but my most favorite part is getting to know YOU! If at the end of our time together we feel that it’s the right fit for both of us, it’s time to commit to the collaborative partnership of creating your next travel adventure.

Step 2


Once you have taken care of my planning fee and returned any intake forms I may have asked you to complete (depends on the trip), I will dig deep into researching and crafting an itinerary that fits your vision, budget and goals. Together we will then refine it until it’s positively ideal, before I proceed to book it all for you.

Bonus: I ALWAYS tap into my extensive global network for perks and extra amenities to make sure that you get the best possible value for your investment.

Step 3


With everything planned and booked, I’ll help you to keep organized with a comprehensive itinerary and all your travel documents conveniently accessible in one place. I’ll keep in touch with you as you anticipate your journey by providing destination information and travel tips, and am of course available to answer any questions you may have.

Step 4


Ready for take-off! During your travel, you will ALWAYS have access to either me directly or a member of my team, should any hiccups arise along the way. I will be working behind the scenes to make sure that your outer journey flows smoothly, while the inner journey belongs to YOU.

Step 5

Follow Up

After you’ve arrived back home and recouped, I can’t wait to hear all about your experience! I want to give you an opportunity to share with me your feedback, so that I can incorporate those insights into planning your next trip. Also, if there is anything that needs to be addressed with a service provider or a supplier, I want to hear from YOU, so I can address it within my network.

Find Yourself on a Journey

Where do you want your journey to take you? Let’s explore!